Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to resurface

Fuzzy Buddy Before After - A Different Dog

So it's been a while and I'm sure all of you wonderful people have been wondering how things turned out in my crazy life [as if you don't have your own crazy life to worry about;)] It's been just a tiny bit hectic of late with moving and starting a new internship. My move involved going South (home), picking up my crew of cats then heading west. I managed, somehow, to get here on time, find a place to live prior to having to start that actually allowed my pets, and even catch up on about 95% of the things that were screaming for my attention at home.

I have only just managed to cut my poodle's hair, however, and still have not gotten the Bichon. If the pictures work appropriately, I thought you all might enjoy seeing the before and after transformation; it still amuses me. Yes, veterinarian's pets do tend to follow the cobbler's children rule of thumb.

To be out of New York and back in civilization is wonderful. People are much more sane here and it's lovely to have room around me and not feel that need for a permanent hula hoop around my waist to keep people out of my personal space. The kids are happy too and demonstrate that by playing more than I've seen them do in over a year. So far, the new internship is going well. I started on overnights so am on the crazy graveyard shift at the moment. The first night was very busy, of course, since I was still unfamiliar with the computer system, etc. Since then it has not been as intense and has allowed me time to get my feet under me again.

I'm enjoying most of the people. The senior clinicians are fun (at least the ones that I have met so far) and I'm really enjoying working with the students. This surprised me since I did not think I would like the teaching part. It amuses me to no end that I have a faculty license and have to sign off on all kinds of things...they put that much power in my hands and let me loose on the world? Frightening thought isn't it? My intern mates are wonderful and we get along well; they have all impressed me a lot. Ironically, the only group that has been any problem so far is the residents. Why do we all get so competitive that we have to put others down to feel better about ourselves? I dunno, I've always kinda lived by the idea that I am what I am and there's no reason to pretend that I'm better than that; take it or leave it. Would be a lot simpler if others would do the same instead of pretending they are always right and never make mistakes.

Overall, the change has been good and I'm rather looking forward to what the year will bring. The big question is how long this will be true...hmmmmmm.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

July is here!

Hi all- sorry it's been a while. July is here and as a public service announcent please keep your pets cool!