Thursday, July 1, 2010

World's Smallest Violin Playing the Longest Saddest Song...

Yes, sarcasm is definitely intended!

On rare occasions, an odd little feeling crops up in my mind that is very atypical of my usual easy-going, laid-back, mostly reasonable, free-spirited self. I've never been sure what prompts the little grumblings but, when they occur, reason and logic go away for a little while then my sarcastic sense of humor kicks in and I give myself a good, swift kick to the rear and move on with life.

I'm having one of those moments right now. In this case, it's a good old pity party. Yesterday, June 30, was the official last day of the internship. I'm here a little longer for two reasons: 1) I drew the lovely overnights to finish out and 2) I started slightly late due to an overlap with my previous internship. So, yesterday, my three intern-mates left and not one even took the time to say "Goodbye."

Not that I expected them to go extremely out of their way to do so but I would have thought they might catch me in the morning before I left to sleep for the day or at 5 p.m. when I came in for the last night shift. Or, if they left early, a text....

In addition, one of the senior clinicians likes to bake and she brought goodies as a congratulations to all of us for finishing. When I arrived this evening it was empty, just the note left.

Yes, I know, poor, pitiful me. Waaaaahhhhh. Now it's time to start playing the world's smallest violin playing the longest, saddest song or to bake me a cardboard cookie or something to convey the message of "just get over it!"

Last overnight tonight - I'm playing supervisor and letting the new intern do it all unless he has questions. It's hard being that hand's off for me but I'm literally forcing myself because he won't benefit from my doing things for him when he won't have me here at all tomorrow night. I then have Friday and Tuesday with the exotics service then I'm outta here!!! Will spend my fourth of July weekend packing and roll out on Wednesday the 7th unless anything changes...

"So long, it's been good to know ya...etc."