Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I previously reported in a long ago post, I now work for the USDA. However, I still do a little (government approved) practicing on the side at my old place of employment. The other day the following conversation ensued:

Can't Spell, DVM: Hi Mrs. Wacky, how are you today?

Mrs. Wacky: Oh hi Dr. Can't Spell, I thought you left us?

Can't Spell: Yes, I now work full time for the USDA but also do this sometimes.

Mrs. Wacky: Who is the USDA?

Can't Spell: The Department of Agraculture.

Mrs. Wacky: I thought you were a veterinarian, not an accoutant?

Can't Spell: *I favor her with a blank stare*

Mrs. Wacky: Well, do you audit people now?

I really wanted to hand her a sign....