Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Soooo...... saw a dog today for our grooming day. It was black. It had dreadlocks kind of like a Komondor ( Except it was a Cocker Spaniel. We couldn't even get a needle through the mats to get a blood sample for a heartworm test. It had the nastiest, ickiest ears I've ever seen with all sorts of rods on the stain...

After it was shaved and had a bath it lost 10 pounds... Actually looked sort of like a Cocker Spaniel.

Some people need an instruction manual and a license to own a dog...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Stupid Client vol 1

I've decided to make this long-overdue edition of this blog to air a list if things that are pet-peeves about what client's say. In no particular order...

1) "My dog's been sick for a week, you think I should bring him/her in?"
2) "Will my dog get sick from eating a whole ham bone?" Well, wouldn't you???
3) As they leave their sick/dehydrated/vomiting/not eating/insert deathly illness here dog to you for treatment, they ask "Can you trim his nails too?"
4) Same scenario as above, but they ask if the dog/cat's shots can be updated.
5) Stupid client asks over the phone what caused their dog to die even though we've never seen the dog. Let me get out my magic crystal ball...
6) No Mr. Stupid Client, I cannot tell you if your dog has diabetes just by looking at it.
7) The cat has an arm that is clearly broken and facing the other way- "He doesn't act like he's in pain..."
8) "Can I give my dog aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen?"
9) "I have given my dog 15 aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen."
10) "Why does this cost so much?"
11) "My last vet didn't charge this much!"

More to follow as I encounter them...