Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cat Tails

I had a funny experience at work that is a good example of how the primal instinct takes over the human brain at times.

There is a cat that is boarding at our clinic for 6 weeks while its owners are out of town.  This cat stayed with us because she has some health issues and was under our immediate care at the time the owners were leaving.  She is doing much better now and we typically allow her out in our break room during the day to get some exercise and keep her from becoming depressed.

I went to the bathroom that adjoins our break room and was on the toilet minding my own business when suddenly I felt something softly brushing down my bare thigh.  It was very unnerving and, were I the screaming sort, I'm sure the whole clinic would have heard me.

It took a second before the conscious brain took over and realized it was the cat's tail.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wee Hours Exchange

This morning, in the wee early hours well before daybreak was even considering breaking, I was awakened by my mother calling and the following exchange occurred:

Mom:  May B.

Me:  Yeah

Mom (louder):  May B.

Me (louder):  Yeah

Mom (louder):  Hey, May B.

Me (louder):  What?!?!?

Mom:  It's thundering outside.

Me:  Okay.....

Mom:  I just thought you might want to know in case you needed to do anything about it.  I'm going back to bed now.  (Goes to bed.)

I am now awake.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about the thunder but it will be hours before I go back to sleep now because now I'm awake....