Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year's and some gross incidentals

Happy New Year my two faithful readers! Just kidding, I know there are more than two of you, there's at least three. Hope everybody had a good New Year's and here's to hoping 2009 is a good year for us all!

I spend most of Christmas sick as a, well, dog. That sure put a whole new spin in Merry Christmas. Also, we had a lot of ice here and travel was perilous at best. I didn't see many patients during this time since my boss was nice and gave me some time off to spend with relatives.

Today and Monday were my only days at work this week. Monday was a great day, lot of patients and some really cool cases. I found a female puppy that has testicles in her inguinal area- yep, a hermaphrodite. It remains to be seen if she's a true hermaphrodite or "only" a pseudo-hermaphrodite. I also saw a rabbit, which I don't see too often. Today I got to rip, er, surgically remove 3 pairs of testicles. They are better off in my trash can than in the animal anyway. Lots of food allergy coming in right now- too many people let their pets snack during the holiday as well as people.

Dr. May B. Insane had a few interesting emergencies over the holiday. Sadly, most interesting emergencies don't live too long.

I'll post more when I have a few good stories to tell. Gotta do some more horses this weekend, so maybe a few good stories will come out of that.


Mrs. Dreamer said...

Drive safe.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Wow! That does sound like an interesting time! Which reminds me to call our vet, time for our "puppies" yearly check0up:)

Purple Stinky Onion said...

Happy New Year DVM! Glad to see you posted again! Hope you are feeling better....that case with the puppy sound very interesting...we are having a pt. come in soon to deliver, something similiar but in humans, hopefully I 'll be working when that happens and maybe able to post something about it too!

Take Care...always reading your blog!