Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just wanna scream, people suck

I want to scream. Full blown, hair pulling, so loud the neighbors call the police scream.

These people call today. Their daughter gave them a dog a while back. They've been talking with our satellite practice on the phone for a while, but there's nothing in the computer about it. Apparently the dog is 10 years old, went blind a while ago, and they think it may have diabetes mellitus. Oh, and the dad just ran it over in the driveway. They think it's leg is broken. They want to euthanize it. But the daughter (who gave them the dog in the first place) just wants to "let nature run its course."

Really. Please. If you were screaming in pain after YOUR father ran YOU over would YOU want ME to LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE!?!?!?!?!

So the call back a few hours later. Apparently the dog is "on it's last legs" and they won't be coming in.

So they call back a few hours later. The dog is still alive and they're bringing him in for euthanasia.

So they show up and tell us the dog died on the way up. But they say, and this is a direct quote, "At least he went peacefully." Really. Like laying in agony for 6 hours is PEACEFUL while you slowly die of shock and blood loss?

I'd love to meet some people in a dark alley someday. Then they could be all peaceful.

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

i read your most recent post before this - so getting this topic again I just had to comment... I am concerned that more "idjits" will treat their pets like this to avoid spending money :( If they can't afford pets, why do they insist on having them - but then i guess they have kds too!
ignorance is so hard to bear