Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Stupid Client from the Insane One

I fail to comprehend people and have determined that common sense does not exist!

Last night at 8:30, I received a call from a client whose cat has a chylothorax and has chest tubes in place. They reported that the cat had been open mouth breathing although it was resting comfortably at the time of the call. They live 3+ hours away.

I advised the clients that they should ideally find a local ER clinic and have the cat evaluated immediately. The alternative plans I offered if a local ER clinic could not be found were as follows: If the cat remained stable, have him evaluated by the regular vet first thing in the morning or head in this direction.

I heard no more from them until 4:20a.m. at which time they called, in a panic and in tears, to report that the cat was "still" open mouth breathing and no one would see them without their being an established client.

Need I point out that they could have been here hours ago had they listened to my advice...

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