Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I previously reported in a long ago post, I now work for the USDA. However, I still do a little (government approved) practicing on the side at my old place of employment. The other day the following conversation ensued:

Can't Spell, DVM: Hi Mrs. Wacky, how are you today?

Mrs. Wacky: Oh hi Dr. Can't Spell, I thought you left us?

Can't Spell: Yes, I now work full time for the USDA but also do this sometimes.

Mrs. Wacky: Who is the USDA?

Can't Spell: The Department of Agraculture.

Mrs. Wacky: I thought you were a veterinarian, not an accoutant?

Can't Spell: *I favor her with a blank stare*

Mrs. Wacky: Well, do you audit people now?

I really wanted to hand her a sign....


Anonymous said...

How do you like it?

(I just applied to work for the USDA. It's either that or one of several other non-private practice options.)

HP said...

wow... wow. people really scare me sometimes with how clueless they are...

Can'tSpell, DVM said...

Anon- I like it, but it's definetly different than private practice. I still miss practice on occasion. Be prepared for some boredom. I work with FSIS, which branch of USDA did you apply to? APHIS is not hiring right now I believe...

Anonymous said...

Boredom is my main concern, actually! I applied to APHIS; new positions now vacant. I'm also looking at other options. We'll see. I have had it with private practice and being on call. I do not anticipate continuing to work with clients once I leave clinical practice; I've dreaded the daily interactions for several years now. It's not fun anymore.

Anonymous said...

True story: a friend of mine is barbecuing chicken, and his sister tells him to be sure he cooks it thoroughly so she doesn't get melanoma. Meaning, of course, salmonella.

Now, I'm sure Mrs. Wacky had some similar transposition going on, but I'm racking my brain and cannot for the life of me think of a work even vaguely similar to "agriculture" that has anything to do with accounting and audits. Mysterious, the workings of the mind.

Have you ever told someone you're a veterinarian and had them reply, "Oh yeah? Which branch of the service?"
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