Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hello blog world! Myself and May B. Insane have sure had a roller coaster ride lately, and not in a good way. I thought I'd share a slightly funny story.

The other day I was at work out in the barn getting ready to look at pigs. There was a stock trailer (one of the big semi-pulled ones) backed up to the dock getting ready to unload pigs. There was also a loud argument going on right beside the stock trailer between the truck driver and a company employee. Since I didn't want to get involved I just kind of stood back and watched for a few minutes. This turned out to be an excellent idea...

The argument (over something stupid by the way) continues and my eyes kind of wandered around a bit. I looked above the trucker's head and noticed that one of the pigs on the second level of the trailer has pushed his butt up to the side of the trailer and his tail is sticking out waving. As I am easily amused, I thought this was kind of funny. It wasn't as funny as what happened next though. As I watched bemusedly this pig (it was apparently a gilt) (a gilt is an unbred female pig) peed about a gallon of urine.... right down onto the head of the irate trucker. As his mouth was open arguing at the time it hit the top of his bald head and ran right into his mouth!!! Everybody there just died laughing as he sputtered wetly.

Last I saw him he was washing out his mouth with water and spitting it out.... Gotta love pigs!

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