Friday, February 1, 2013

Scarlett's Sp(3)lids

Scarlett is a young and somewhat foolish Boxer.  She was picked up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama - most well known for its SEC championship football team and immortal coach Bear Bryant.

Being young and idealistic and, of course just a wee bit stubborn and independent as Boxers tend to be, she placed bets on the recent championship game.  The only problem was that she bet against Alabama.  This mistake was tragic in more ways than one.  Living in Tuscaloosa and betting against the home team is asking for trouble.  Plus the opponent was soundly whipped.

Poor Scarlett, she didn't have enough doggie bones to cover her debt so the doggie mafia, led by a small yet somehow devilish Italian greyhound, came after her.  Ziggy the Iggy commanded his enforcers (a Doberman, Konrad, a Rottweiler, Hans, and a German Shepherd, Freddie) to break both her legs!!

Scarlett came to see us after being arrested for prostitution.  Her injuries were a couple of weeks old already but we pinned her bilateral femur fractures and plan to stop her career in prostitution.

Unfortunately, Scarlett is still too stubborn for her own good so we had to find something to immobilize her legs and we have gone through numerous devices.  Today, we constructed SP(3)LIDS for her using metasplints, orthopedic casting tape, white tape, and lots of creativity.  SP(3)LIDS are Scarlett Poo Poo Pants Leg Immobilization Devices.  I would defy her to break out of them but have already seen what she can do.

She'll be entering the witness protection program soon then going on with a new life.  I hope she learned something from her ordeal...

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