Monday, April 22, 2013

Insanity, Stress, and Getting Old

I'm definitely getting old.  There seem to be more aches and pains present every day.  I get angry with myself all the time now when I wind up in the floor doing an exam (which is totally normal for me and always has been) because suddenly I realize that I have to get up again, preferably gracefully and modestly, given there is a client present.  I can no longer get away with skipping a day at the gym then just picking back up where I stopped.  I also have to force myself to be more careful to take my vitamins and joint supplements, particularly since I don't tolerate pain medications well.  The dogs and cats feel heavier than they once did and I've been idiotic enough to have kept those two "horse puppies" that I found...

I've always felt much older than the people around me in my head but, let me tell you, it really is all down hill after 30!

At work, we have a volunteer who wants to be a tech (yuck, yet another who wants to play with the puppies and kittens without really having the drive for the profession - sorry, I'm a tad bit done with all the tech wannabees we've seen lately).  I call her Nibbles because she is constantly eating.  Of course, she's also one of those teeny people who never gain weight as they ingest 2-3 times what I eat while I gain 10 pounds just from smelling food.  This girl has no concept of polite behavior.  On the food note, she actually took part of someone's lunch while they were eating it and had stepped away to answer the phone.  We're all getting a bit food aggressive...  She also sampled pieces of Ghirardelli chocolate then threw it away because she didn't like it!!!!!  That is grounds for hanging in my opinion!!!!  Wasting what is perhaps the best chocolate on earth.  Death to all chocolate wasters!!

On a good note, she does provide a person for those employees that are never happy unless they have someone to be mad at...  Not sure if that makes the stress she adds worthwhile.

If you abide by the definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results then I've been hard at work proving my insanity again.  For those who know me, this sounds weird because y'all have seen how organized disorganized, predictably unpredictable, and studiously random I am, but I hate clutter!!  And work has been so bad lately mostly with things not being put away where they belong but just shoved somewhere for the moment.  I re-organized the storage closets....again....

Sadly, home is as bad and worse with my mom and her issues.  I've fallen off on my cartoons, creative writing, and reading for entertainment lately for lack of a "room of one's own" so to speak.  But I have added yoga to my life to help with stress.  Just try to imagine how bad I'd be if I didn't go exercise, have yoga, have chocolate, and have the kids to keep me sane.  Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!  Scary, isn't it?!?

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Scary Indeed!