Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photographs of Time

I'm not sure that there is anything quite so depressing as looking at old photos.  It always strikes me with force the aging changes I see in those around me.  I see the evidence of time that I fail to see as I look on a daily basis.  Changes that make me even more aware of how fragile and brief life is.

Like most people, I have tons of photos - some printed on paper, some on CDs, some on the computer, and some on my phone.  I suppose they are primarily meant to record the good times, to bring back memories of friends and family and happy days.  Perhaps I am depressive or just too pessimistic in general but I cannot seem to get past the reality that the images represent a happier time that is forever lost.  I cannot go back or make those who have passed return or change decisions or even relive the moment without a sense of loss.

Maybe the problem is that I'm in the midst of a less than happy time right now.  I'm not sure because I know the past was not perfect either.  No time is perfect but I rather long to turn back the pages for a while and enjoy a better time.

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