Friday, October 3, 2008

Strange week

I've had kind of a strange week this week. Some interesting cases, too. I just took a "thingie" off a cat's ear that I've been trying to heal for about two months. It looked and acted like granulation tissue. Today the owner got fed up with it and wanted it off. I took it off. It wasn't granulation tissue. It looked like a squamous cell tumor or some other neoplastic grossness on the impression smear I made of it. Yuck.

I unblocked a male cat. He won't get up to temperature (this AM he wouldn't even read on the thermometer) despite warming devices. On IV fluids. His BUN when he came in was over 200. It was ">140" today according to my stubborn machine. I don't think he's going to make it. He may actually have pyelonephritis- I can't tell for sure without an ultrasound, but that's what his blood work/urine make me think.

Had a German Shepard Dog (they make us put the "dog" behind the name) puppy with carpal laxity and Achilles laxity walking palmograde and plantigrade. Hope it will strengthen, but may not- may even turn out to be myesthenia.

Tomorrow I get to geld a 4 yr old "small" Clydesdale horse. He's small for a clyde anyway. He still weighs over 1500 pounds. Hope I'm still with the land of the living tomorrow afternoon....

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Evil Transport Lady said...

Sounds interesting......hope to hear from you after your "small" horse encounter;)