Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More soapboxes

Sorry guys, been a little boring around here lately! In a bad way- no clients! Apparently, June has some graduations or something in it... :) So I have to once again go up on my soapbox and rant about stupid things...

1) If you sell puppies and you have a history of Parvo being on your property, don't sell puppies anymore.
2) A poodle/yorkie mix is a MUTT and is not really worth $450, even if it is cute. If you want a MUTT/Mixed breed dog, go to a shelter.
3) And definitely don't BREED those MUTTS and sell them for $450 if you have PARVO on your property!!!!!

So elderly couple come in this morning with a puppy from a local well known nasty pet store/puppy mill, er, pet store, that they bought last night. It wasn't very active when they bought it, but the owner told them, "Oh, this floor is just slippery." It starts having diarrhea and vomiting last evening and by this morning when I saw it he could barely stand up. Raging positive on the parvo test.

So this puppy was sick when she sold it. It was already weak and, since the incubation period for parvo is a longer than 24 hours, it definitely got Parvo at her place.

So a nice elderly couple have to take the puppy they've kinda gotten attached to back to place they got it from trying to get their money back. I just hope and pray that the person who owns that establishment (I can think of so many other words for it) has her own vet to take the poor thing to. I hate this place. I'd LOVE to see the Department of Ag shut it down!!!

I just saw a cool case as well. A presumptive Diskospondylitis (I wasn't able to do blood cultures). I've never seen one in practice before, so that was kinda cool. Cool things are fun!

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Not rocket science eh!
So why do people have to be so stupid?