Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The poo wars

I don't know if some of you readers remember the "Enema Queen" post that I renamed since it included me as a link on a rather dubious website...

This one is going to get me into even deeper S*i*

Pun Intended.

Today I have to give yet another cat yet another enema. This after I had to put a horse down for prolapsing her rectum and kicking pieces of it off, leading to me grabbing a piece and squeezing poo out of it to convince the owner that she had, indeed, prolapsed her rectum and tore pieces of it off.

Oh, yeah, and the 10(!!!) German Shepards in the same house, all with Giardia.

I need a tiara and a scepter. I am the Poo Queen. You may all bow now.

I need a life.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I curtsey to you oh poo queen..

thanks for a giggle - relieves the boredom of exam supervision - at least i can surf the net as i watch them lol

10????????? mad

xtine said...

I initially read that as "I need a tiara and a scraper."

Which made perfect sense!