Thursday, December 16, 2010


Recently I had a conversation with my current boss (I have known him for a long time) who I will refer to as "Doc" and our receptionist who I will call "Calamity Jane" that I think is amusing. There's a cartoon version of the interaction but my cartoons don't post well on the blog so I didn't try...

Doc: I'm losing my mind lately!

Me: That's impossible. You lost your mind a long time ago therefore you cannot possibly be losing something you don't have.

Calamity Jane: Well I've sure been losing mine, too!

Me: That's also impossible since you never had one to lose in the first place.

Doc: Well, I sure would like to find mine.

Calamity Jane: Me too!!

Me: I wouldn't care to find mine; I'd prefer to have a new one...

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