Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Joy of Family

I had a great reminder of the joys of my dysfunctional family the other night. A distant cousin called randomly and I answered (very unusual!) wanting to speak to my mom. Mom had her on speaker phone so I could hear everything that followed:

Cousin: Is Dr. Insane dating anyone?

Mom: No.

Cousin: I just wondered 'cause there is a friend of my son's who is looking for someone and asked if I knew anyone so I thought of her.

Mom: Oh.

Cousin: Yeah, he's a youth minister and he has 2 daughters and his wife done left him 'cause she's tired of the religious life. He works with my son and he's into animals, too, 'cause they go 'coon hunting together!

Mom: Yeah, I doubt she'd be interested right now.....

Cousin: Well, tell her about him and see!

That was apparently the whole purpose of her call. Those who read this and know me will instantly know my response. For those who don't, well, I don't want kids, I'm not good with them, and one of my dogs loathes and despises small humans who are loud and busy. Besides that, I'm way too busy for a relationship right now and am rather anti-relationship anyway being very much a loner and introvert. As to his interest in animals, hmmmm, what do you think??? Somehow, I doubt very much it would work out with my menagerie!

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

He sounds soooo perfect...
Can't imagine why you aren't pleading for his number...

I dated a guy for a year once... A gentle male nurse. Until he admitted he liked to shoot possums. Could have lived with that, but then he said he liked to kill them by shooting off one paw at a time!