Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I neglected to mention a couple of items in the last post so this is somewhat a continuation and somewhat a tale of today.

Forgot to tell about the lady who brought in her very overweight MinPin with a ruptured cruciate and back pain. The lady is a human drug rep but does not believe in drugs. Fortunately, I am very sold on the research and efficacy of many homeopathic type remedies so that helped. It was a very long appointment that helped to run the afternoon behind. And there was the huge mast cell tumor on the old corgi's prepuce. That would have been a fun challenge to try to resect if only they would have let me... No one ever lets me do the things I would love to do although I can see their point given his age, etc. (Sigh!!)

So Saturday improved immensely. I spoke to the crazy guy with the sick puppy again that afternoon. I had told him to meet me at 1:30 but he didn't show so I called him. He said the pup was doing fine and he wasn't bringing it after all. I told him to call if he had problems and he assured me "we would be the first to know." Right. I heard nothing but dead silence until Sunday night just before 8 p.m. when he called to say the pup had been vomiting ever since we spoke the previous evening and he needed to bring it in now.

We had a winter storm advisory out with expected ice and snow, enough to shut down roads in the south and it had already started when he called. He also caught me right in the middle of my own home duties and I couldn't drop them immediately. I told him I had to wrap things up and would call as soon as I could hit the road but that, if he was coming, we had better meet ASAP due to the weather. In less than 5 minutes he called back to say he couldn't get out of his driveway. I advised him of things to do (including stop feeding the dog for a while for heaven's sake!) and told him we would likely be opening late Monday if at all. He called back several more times to ask the same questions over and over as if I could provide a new, magic cure that I didn't have available 10 minutes before.

I expected that the winter storm would be less than predicted and we would be at work as usual, maybe an hour late this morning. Imagine my surprise when I found out that all the roads were closed and the area where the office is was very icey. At my place, we mostly got snow and very little ice but just a few miles down the road, the ice was terrible. No one could go in but the few boarding animals had been provided for the day before so we didn't worry too much - it wasn't worth risking that icey road up to mountain!

Called the crazy man and was told the pup was doing better so will keep in touch with him until we get back into the office. I then made use of my gift of snow and a day off to play. I made snow dogs modeled after the 3 small dogs in my herd and 1 snow cat, lifesized I might add, modeled after my very large white cat. I stole the idea from a friend but was very pleased with the results. Tonight, we are supposed to get some freezing rain but hopefully the roads will be opened and we can get back to business as usual. I know my boss will be a happier man if he hears we are open tomorrow!


The Homeless Parrot said...

So envious. As the only ER doctor working the shift, I had to go to work -risking life and limb in the snow. It was awesome. NOT.

Dr. May B. Insane said...

BELIEVE ME, I UNDERSTAND!! Last year, the place I was at had the biggest blizzard they had seen in 40 or more years (I can't remember if they said 40 years or since 1940??) on Christmas Eve and I was the lucky sole ER doc for both the 24th and 25th. I love snow but only when you don't have to be somewhere and can enjoy it!

Ginger said...

Awesome snow dogs. They actually look like real dog casts!