Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Highlights

OK, so not the post about Guess and Maybe as planned but thought the highlights of the weekend might prove somewhat entertaining.

We had planned to go down and help sort out some of my brother's mess this weekend and to that end I rearranged my schedule to be off Friday, drop Guess off at the dentist Friday to spend the weekend, leave the dogs that need to be watched while we were to be gone, etc. At the last minute, the trip was canceled which turned out to be a good thing.

I took Guess on Friday to be worked in for is implant adjustment and was well on my way to Birmingham when I got a call that a tree had fallen on the fence separating some of the dogs during the storm the night before. As a result, Thumper and Yoda had crossed into the fence with Tag and Maybe, trying to start a fight with Tag. Mom got all that sorted out while I was gone and when I returned, I found that pretty much everybody was upset, probably due to the weather; we're having a lot of pop up thunderstorms over the past few days. I promptly practiced better living through chemistry and slipped the kids that needed it a mickey.

Saturday was not bad with the effects of the drugs still lasting and not as bad of weather. Sunday dawned with Thumper and Yoda back over the fence. With a little work and a lot of shuffling, I got them back where they needed to be and got the fence fixed. More drugs because of the weather and a necessary trip to the clinic to pick up a refill (we usually don't go through quite this much, it's been a rough storm season for the kids and now we have the dreaded firework holiday approaching, too!!)

Monday, I was off due to our planned trip and I started the day by sawing into pieces the rather large dead pine that fell several weeks ago and has been trapped on a limb but hanging over another portion of fence (quite stable, but needed to be gotten down and this was the first chance I found). After getting that down, I gave Chief, my old Chow / Rotti mix a little tranquilizer so that I could shave him down. I typically brush him out but with the weather, his coat was well on its way to a disaster.

Afterward, I got a much needed shower then cooked supper. Then I loaded the recyclables into the truck to drop off on my way to work today. On the way in, I tripped going upstairs onto the porch and took a nosedive, landing on my hands and knees and using the top of my head to slam the half open screen door shut. It was one of those moments when you just sit up, wiggle all pertinent limbs and verify no broken bones, then shake your head and wonder how it even happened. With that, I closed my day.

Now it is time to start all over in the hair department of the herd; sometimes it's a little depressing...

Saw a funny / interesting case last Wednesday. Little pup I helped deliver; the new owner had found his mother abandoned and pregnant in the house next door. As the pup was running around and playing like an idiot, the water bowl was knocked over and spilled. In another run, he hit the water and slid then hit a counter resulting in severe lameness. When they brought him in, it was immediately apparent that he had a broken humerus on the right front. Since he was bearing weight on the other 3 legs, I did not pursue other investigation at the time but splinted the leg (nice fracture that will heal well with a splint over the shoulder. It wasn't until the next day that he became lame on the left rear; after another x-ray, I discovered a greenstick fracture of the tibia. Now he has 2 splints... Fortunately, he's still young and will likely heal in 2-4 weeks.

Today it was a 4 month old Maltese mix with a broken jaw. The mandible had a fracture near the lowest point of the ramus. The puppy was kicked in the jaw by a 4 year old neighbor child who walked over into the owner's yard while they were out playing with the puppy. Even a child that young knows better. It's disgusting!!

The highlight of last week was the spaying of the wrong dog due to the ineptness of the help that I was complaining about recently. The one who did kennel the weekend before mixed up cage cards therefore the dog labeled boarding and spay while here was anesthetized, put on the table, and opened only to realize she was spayed. It was at that point that we realized it was the wrong dog. The owner's were very understanding at first (dogs belonged to same people) but apparently did not pay attention to what was said since when they picked up the dogs the following day they started screaming that I did not tell them I actually opened the dog and demanded their money back; in entirety.

That's about it except that I still owe the post on Guess and Maybe. Maybe next time; I Guess...

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