Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flies are annoying...

Flies. Flies are annoying, right? After all, they are those despoilers-of-picnics, get in your soft drink can when you're not looking, wave your arms around your head like you're conducting a symphony orchestra annoying insects we all hate. There is no outside time that is immune from their depredations and buzzing fly-bys. But, they're just annoying, right?

Horses are fly magnets. Flys like to land on a horse's legs and body, causing the horse to, understandably, try to get rid of them. They will flick their skin, stamp their legs, try to rub their legs, flick their tail and generally try all options to get rid of the flies that have landed on them. However, when trying to suture a baseball sized wound on the shoulder of a horse while it's sedated VERY heavily to try to keep him from stomping, flicking his skin, and otherwise trying to shake off the annoying "fly" that is me and my suture needle they can be annoying. Especially when said horse that is HEAVILY sedated to keep him from doing this decides to walk foreword and FALL on said vet trying valiantly to suture his shoulder wound. Lucky he only weighted 800 pounds (he was a weanling). Lucky he only caught the edge of me. I wish I had been lucky enough that the owners would have had fly spray.

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