Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parvo sucks

But distemper sucks more.

So, I see a puppy earlier. No vaccines (owners were told that they didn't need any- how gullible can you get?), vomiting, diarrhea, anorexic and lethargic. STRONG positive on the parvo test, the positive dot came up before the control dot. And we're surprised....???

Then I see another puppy. Same signalment, no vaccines, but this one also has a nasal discharge and some eye goupies. Temperature. So, I do a CBC on this tone. We have a neutrophillic leukophillia with a severe lymphopenia. Can we say distemper? We hardly ever see distemper nowadays-because-we-have-such-wonderful-vaccines.

The parvo puppy will probably survive. The distemper one probably will not.

Please, whatever you do, VACCINATE YOUR STINKING' DOG!!!!!!!!!!! Then I won't have to see completely preventable viral diseases.

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Anonymous said...

People are doing this with their kids nowadays too. It amazes me.