Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things you may not know about the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday. During this time we celebrate not only our Independence and our Rights, but remember all those who fought for us. Thank you everybody who has ever worn a uniform for this country.

There are some aspects to July 4th that "ordinary" people do not think about, however.

Tangent: I go on lots of tangents, or Rabbit Trails (RTs), a legacy of vet school and procrastinating while studying. I submit that veterinarians are not "ordinary" by any sense of the word. I will present more evidence towards this later, but here is the first piece. 1) Crazy people go to vet school. The truly insane stay all 4 years.

Anyway, things ordinary people don't think about the Fourth. 1) Fluffy/Fido probably would love to smell that burning thingie on the ground. Please keep them from doing this as it is a detriment to a long and happy life. 2) Dogs can get so worked up they send themselves into heat stroke from anxiety. I'm not kidding. 3) Sparklers are NOT good to eat. 4) Bottle rockets are even less good to eat. 5) Activated charcoal does not like to come out of scrub tops and pants. 6) A dog who doesn't feel bad and doesn't know better likes to chew out his IV catheter.

Cats and fireworks are kinda iffy as well. Some cats use their God-granted right to complete indifference to nobly ignore the noise as usual. Others get so stressed out they go into respiratory distress. Have you ever tried to give oxygen to something trying to claw your eyes out?

So that's my primer on the Fourth of July, veterinary style. Good day.


LPN with an M16 said...

I'm definitely an ordinary person, i would have never thought of those things. So, what's your take on that video of the dachshund running with a roman candle?

BTW, thanks for the link, and welcome to the blogging world.

Can'tSpell, DVM said...

I shudder at the very thought of dogs running with roman candles. Think of the chairs he'd set on fire....

Thanks for the well wishes!