Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Great Escape

Countdown has now moved from weeks to days to hours. In precisely 30 hours, my EDT will have arrived and I can't wait!! The pessimist in me realizes that it is highly unlikely I'll actually walk out of the door on time but 9a.m. Sunday morning is the goal to hit the road home for my cherished vacation. I'm probably going to succumb to the pressure of those around me and not drive immediately after the overnight shift but...we'll see how I feel at that moment. I've managed to almost accomplish everything needed prior to leaving including being already packed except for the last minute things [you know, the dogs, my purse, myself;)], having the car checked over and oil changed, cleaning the apartment (almost done!) and making list after countless list.

So as we are reaching those final hours I'm still waiting to see if the rug is ripped from beneath my feet. Don't have a clue where I'm headed in life but on Sunday I'm running as fast I can in a southern direction.

1 comment:

Evil Transport Lady said...

Can I come?? I need an escape!

Drive safe and have a great time!