Sunday, March 1, 2009

Embarrassing moments

Posting for a second time on the same overnight because this has been the most boring overnight ever!! I've seen one emergency that was very much a "treat and street" issue. In our copious free time, the staff and I began talking about many different topics typical of vet-type people and we got on some of the escapades of our own pets which inspired me to share the following story from my vet school days.

I have a large number of pets and while in vet school had multiple cats and three small dogs that got to live with me (the rest lived with my mom, who is wonderful by the way). The dogs were a cocker spaniel mix (the "precious princess"), a bichon frise (the "special one"), and a recently acquired poodle (aka Cujo). The precious princess was a marvel at getting into things, particularly the garbage, then being on the couch appearing perfectly innocent while the boys were caught amongst the mess when I came home. (I do, by the way, typically crate them but being an indulgent mom sometimes fell for the sucker line of "I won't be gone very long, they'll be fine out.") I was bright enough to not fall for her innocent act but obviously not bright enough to avoid repeat offenses.

The incident that comes to mind was when she got into the bathroom garbage and availed herself of some, er, feminine products amongst other things. I arrived home to find the shambles and her vomiting. Of course, as any self-respecting vet student would, I jumped the gun and was convinced that she was obstructed and would require surgery not, at that point, realizing just what she had eaten. My favorite surgeon was on so I began to make preparations for rushing her in to the small animal clinic when she vomited again and produced, yep--you guessed it, a tampon. After that she was fine. To say the least, I was mightily relieved because I then began picturing an exploratory surgery, finding the foreign body, removing it (with myself scrubbed in side by side with my mentor), and discovering the nature of the offender. Foreign bodies usually result in half the hospital making guesses and bets on what it will be anyway and then the whole hospital discusses what was found afterwards...


jamiegirl said...

I have a pug who left at home with my ex found her way into the bathroom trash. She consumed the same lovely feminine item, only the brand was OB and it was for "heavy days." She never did get sick, but two days later when she was grey and kept licking her upper lip I knew exactly what was lodged in her intestine. $1800 worth of obstruction removal later she came home and made a quick recovery. Those OB's never made it into the trash again. An expensive lesson to learn.

xtine said...

My fiance's cocker and I had butted head many times.

When we started dating, that dog started acting out.

Including making his way into the bathroom and snacking on the monthly feminine product display.

So appetizing to come home from a date to find bloody paper and stuff strewn all over the goddamn place.

The bathroom door always stays shut now.

Belinda said...

When my dog was a puppy, he loved to destroy everything and make a big mess around the house. One time he was able to get into the outside trash can and pull out the same feminine item. After ripping it to shreds, he left it in the yard for the gardeners to find.