Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Need A Keeper...

The longer I live, the more convinced I become that I need a keeper to watch out for my insanity and make all of my decisions for me. That would make life a lot simpler...

As indicated by Can'tSpell, I am spending a week with her while going daily to a nearby veterinary school for a refresher in ophthalmology (I LOVE eyes!!!) In driving yesterday, I drove completely past my turn and kept going until I reached the next redlight and woke from my apparent delirious state to realize I had no idea where I was. Oops. This morning, in following a new route that Can'tSpell was kind enough to reveal to me I ran a stop sign then ran off the road because I realized, almost too late, that I was supposed to follow the curve not the straight part of the road (Can'tSpell had only reiterated that point a mere dozen or so times). I'm dangerous when allowed out alone.

The other thing I've noticed is that it becomes more and more difficult to say simple words, spell common/ordinary words (you know, things like "Macracanthorhyncus hirudinaceus" are no problem, it's things like "horse" that get you), or just put together a simple sentence these days. "Talking take two (or three, etc.)" has become a routine break in my conversations of late. And decisions, oh my, these have become quite challenging. I was once a reasonably decisive person who considered options then made a concise decision; very thorough in researching facts but having no need for second-guessing afterwards. No more. I now question and pick apart every little detail then convince myself I've done the wrong thing a million times over. If I learned anything in vet school, it was how to question myself even more than I did previously.

No, I should definitely not be allowed out and about without supervision from some adult-type individual. I'm a danger to myself and to society as a whole...Anybody out there want to apply for the job of full-time zookeeper with little or no pay in compensation? I am, after all, only a poor intern:)

On a different note, I just don't understand the worry and fuss about a little bit of glue. I can't help it that I snuck in my favorite clinician's office while visiting the vet school and taped down various and sundry office utensils like, oh, the computer mouse and keyboard, the tin of tea, the refrigerator door, etc...What's to worry about a little glue?

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Good old Macrocanthorhynchus hirudinaceus - how it rolls of the tongue. How we loved learning all those names and life cycles and memorising it all for weekly tests! .. And here I am, 32 years later, smiling because I recognised a pig worm!