Friday, April 17, 2009

Something sucked every day of this week

Well, let's see.

Lots of emotional-ridden family issues going on right now. In addition to these three or four separate issues, at work...

Euthanized a long-time patient on Monday that I'd been treating extensively for months.
Euthanized a patient on Tuesday that had very angst-ridden family. I cried a lot (again).
Euthanized a patient on Wednesday.

On Thursday I did something else that they always tell you you're going to do in school that I've managed to avoid doing so far. Which is, a pedicle broke while I was ligating a dog spay and I had to go fishing for it. I located it just fine and tied it off just fine, but boy, what anxiety! The patient did well, and recovered with no problems.

This type of thing is an accident and happens all the time. The tissue was really friable since the dog was in heat and it just happened. However, I sweated bullets as soon as that thing was found! I was proud of myself and didn't freak out while doing it, but I kinda sweated it afterwards!

So today, nothing bad has happened (yet, knock on wood). However, I have to drive 1 1/2 hours as soon as I get off work. Hopefully, my car will work fine and I won't hit anything on the way there or back. But the way my luck is running this week, I really wouldn't be surprised. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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