Monday, April 6, 2009

Why can't people get this through their thick skulls?

Spay you dog. Three simple words. Spay your dog. There, was that hard?

I know that some people can't afford to have their dog spayed. However, nowadays there are several low-cost alternatives, including spay/neuter clinics, humane society vouchers, and adopting an already spayed dog from said humane society. If you can't afford a dog's basic necessities don't get the dog. It's that simple.

If you plan on breeding your dog, fine. Besides the fact that the world doesn't really need lots of extra puppies floating around, that is your choice and it's a personal one. But if you're NOT going to breed your dog, or if you're DONE breeding your dog, spay your dog.

I just saw the SECOND pyometra a client's had in six months. That's TWO is less than six months. They have probably 4-6 dogs at home, and all their males are neutered but none of the females are spayed. I euthanized the last one and euthanized this one because the owner couldn't afford the $500-700 emergency spay/pyometra bill. This dog was in congestive heart failure also, which didn't help her chances of surviving surgery. So, let's do the math here.

Emergency pyometra surgery- $500-700+
Routine spay at six months old- $100-200 depending on size of dog
Having your dog NOT get pyometra? Priceless

BTW, Dr. May B. Insane is safely back in the terrible place to finish out her three months of torture, er, internship. She'll post later.

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