Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Daze

Feeling a bit whimsical and nostalgic this morning; thinking back to vet school days that were actually tons of fun although a lot of hard work. Therefore, am posting a couple of pictures from freshman year of my little old lady, Choo Choo (9/11/91-12/19/08), with Dirk, Can't Spell's English Setter. When Dirk first joined Can't Spell, Choo hated him with a passion - he was, after all, a non-mannered, dirty, stinky little 7 week old puppy and everything he touched was contaminated! He stayed at my place for a while since Can't Spell's good ol' roomate didn't like the new addition. For weeks, Choo would walk around the places he had been, lifting her feet as if she were stepping in manure and circling widely around him or recent areas he had been. Then, suddenly, she decided she liked him and they were best buds for a while. It was only after he got to be about 20 pounds heavier than her that she decided she would no longer play with him... I guess all good things must come to an end. These are some of my "mostest favorite pictures ever!"

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