Friday, December 4, 2009

Amusing myself...

Thought I would take a minute to give an update and tell a funny story. This week and the one prior have been two of the most stressful weeks I've had in quite some time. Between trying to finish match crap, working on revamping my article that I hope will be published, preparing a seminar presentation, dealing with a friend here who has a 12 year old Great Dane with multiple health problems that everyone else has given up on but she's not ready, hearing from another friend who recently lost one dog to acute renal failure and now found out that her other dog has lymphoma, and being the "maniac in the middle" on cardio where the cardiologist hates the student and wants to fail him and is only being nice to me to get me on her side, it's been a tad bit complicated / stressful / exhausting! [If you can figure out that run-on sentence;)]

Yesterday, I gave my presentation. And being a lover of practical jokes that do no harm, I planned a good one. Gotta tell the whole story though.

First, I hate public speaking. I'm rather shy and introverted naturally so I don't relish the limelight and usually have a difficult time saying good things about myself. The big day approached and I was rather amazed (and pleased) to find that I did not have a huge case of nerves. Everything was going good until I came to work and made a BIG mistake! I HATE elevators with a passion because I have issues with small, enclosed spaces. Yesterday, I was tired because I was at work late (came back to spend time with tech and her Dane when she called me hysterically in tears), I was carrying a very heavy bag of books, and I was having trouble breathing well 'cause I'm a little sniffly at the moment. Usually I park in the lower parking lot because I figure stairs are good for me since I get little enough time to exercise. This was no exception but I chose to take the elevator. BAD, BAD, BAD!! No, I didn't actually get trapped but, from my perception, it seemed as if the door took forever to open. I was actually hitting panic mode in which I was fighting the desire to start uselessly banging on the door and screaming for help. Needless to say, this shook my equilibrium just a little.

Second, I've noticed that the third year surgery resident (who I like a lot) seems to magically get an "emergency" phone call during seminars in which he is not particularly interested and ducks out early. I called him on it last week; he laughingly denied the charge. I told him a) I rather liked the idea and might implement it myself and b) if he walked out on mine I would know... Then I took my school issued phone and gave it to my intern mates with the instructions to call him in the middle. They did. Twice. He silenced it then sent a text asking who it was. They told him me. A very funny conversation ensued in which they were arguing over whether I was good enough at multi-tasking to text while presenting. While I sincerely doubt I'm that good, I must have some capability because I was distracted by the drama I had created, kept thinking about the elevator and being panicky, and managed to present without most people noticing. The only poor comment I got was that I read too much from my notes. That's disappointing to me because I knew the subject cold and only had the notes for a safety but needed them due to my elevator incident.

I don't think he figured out the whole joke but am pretty sure he knows I am the mastermind behind it although I can't be certain of that since most people underestimate me because of my quiet disposition.

The good news is that the seminar is now off my plate, today is my last day on cardio, and the match crap will be done no later than Monday (deadline). That gives me time to revamp my paper and submit it and will at least somewhat decrease my stress load. And (imagine the "Hallelujah Chorus" in your head at this point) I'M OFF THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! Now what I'll do about my two friends and their beloved companions I don't know.

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

the joys of teaching and presenting
Im with you on the lifts! and just had a shite week myself too with end of year stress.

Glad it went well, and hope your friends dog rallies, or ends peacefully - if that is the likely outcome - the journey is always hard.