Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I don't know exactly what it is that sets me off sometimes. At times it takes very little to get me started; others it takes a major blast. Right now, I 'm in full swing and having fun at it.

On Friday, I started a war (or, to be more precise, I helped to start a war). My role is ideas. I come up with really good ones and somehow goad other people into carrying them out. We confettied one of my intern-mates desk with little sheets of paper labeled with his name. There are literally millions of wonderful ideas floating around in my head as we speak of other things to do to him and others.

Yesterday, we pulled one wheel off his chair and dumped him in the floor. We were all in the office and he came in, pulled out the chair, sat down, did his work, then left; all without incident. None of the rest of us could figure out why. Then today, I walked in the office to find him looking guilty and moving the chair. He told me he got dumped and was switching it with the presumed perpetrator's chair. In the course of the conversation, he asked if I had done it to which I replied (with suitable sarcasm) "Me? I would never do something like that!" Totally went over his head that the translation for my comment was "No, not directly, but I knew about it and helped!!"

The greatest part is that I can randomly change sides in this war - and believe me I will!

No, I change my mind. The absolute greatest part is that nobody believes it of me. There is something to be said for keeping people at a slight distance so that they only know the part of you that you choose to let them know. Everyone here thinks I am innocent and sweet. They would never accuse me of doing things like changing the computer cables around to confuse desktops so you can't access your own stuff...

The only drawback to my war is that it is preoccupying me slightly because I keep coming up with wondrous, cantankerous ideas to carry out and it pulls me away from my cartoons. My loyal public will likely get mad but since they never bother to give feedback anyway, I shouldn't worry too much.

Not exactly sure what set me off on this at the moment. I was terribly depressed then suddenly became consumed with practical jokes starting with the phone during my presentation. Must admit I feel much better at the moment. I think that tomorrow, I'll take all of the wheels off of all of the chairs and see what happens...

I've seen some kinda cool cases lately and need to post them for the entertainment of all but haven't gotten around to it yet. Very talented when it comes to procrastinating:) I did get all of my match crap done and, as of right now, both of my friend's dogs are doing well. Let's hope that continues. It's definitely nice to be out of the middle of the cardiologist and the student she wants to maim but I'm still concerned about the situation and will likely do something stupid and get myself in trouble. Not like it would be the first time. With that shall close for now - must be there early in the a.m. since we are spaying my little foster kittens tomorrow.

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