Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Saga Continues

So much for my good intentions of an upbeat post. It would seem those aspirations are doomed for now. Last night, my dear old Uncle A-hole who is married to my Aunt Sweetie Pie and are the folks with whom the prodigal is currently staying, decided it would be great to try to start a fight with the prodigal because he was not ready for bed when Uncle A-hole was... Actually tried to take a swing at him. Fortunately my mom was able to intervene and stop it before it started which is really good because otherwise I don't know where the prodigal would stay. We haven't the extra room nor does anyone else in the family even if they would be willing and a motel is kinda scary given his current state and that there would be no one to watch over him. And believe me, he needs not only watching but to be looked after*!!

Additionally, one of my cats, Crazy Gracie, suddenly is unable to walk. I think (and hope!) that it is only vestibular disease but am not sure yet. Yet one more thing on the plate to worry about...

And I forgot to comment last night that my friend's dog with the presumptive insulinoma that I removed 10 days ago was doing great until day 9 at which time she suddenly became hypoglycemic again with associated clinical signs (shaking, etc.). Right now, I'm very done!!

*This is a reference to an older movie that most folks will probably not recognize since it's rather obscure. The movie is The Villain starring Kirk Douglas, Ann-Margret, and a very young Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you have the opportunity and enjoy slapstick on occasion, watch the movie then my comment will be appreciated on so many more levels than just the obvious one.

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