Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Guess Maybe

I've been promising a post about the "new kids" for a while now and the fact that I ran across some pictures from when I first found them and was amazed at how little and cute they were prompted me to finally come through.

Mom and I were driving to town, innocently minding our own business when I started to pull out from the old bridge and saw 2 pups chasing after a car. They were close to being hit and I tried my best to ignore them, even rationalizing that we could go ahead with our errands. I really DID NOT need any more dogs. I mean, for heaven's sake, I'm overloaded already!!

OK, so I guess it's obvious, my rationalization failed and I stopped and picked up the pups, tossing them into the back seat. They reeked of fish. People are terrible about tossing dogs in that area. It is not close to any houses but there is a creek so I guess they think they will survive on water and fish. I've personally found 6 dogs there and my mom picked up one way back before my brother and I were even conceived.

The pups on the day we found them, approx 3 months old.

The little male approached us very quickly and easily, wagging his tail while the female hung back a little, more timid and definitely contemplating the situation. This has proven true of their dispositions. She thinks about things a lot more than he does. He tends to just burst right in with little trepidation. She's the brains, he's the brawn. Together, they come up with many nefarious deeds and are always into mischief.

Guess at 4 months

Maybe at about 6 months

I tried to find them homes but there were just no suckers available at the time and it didn't help that the girl developed hemorrhagic diarrhea just a few days after I found them then the boy had tooth issues and had to have that corrected. Additionally, they fell in love with Tag, my older Border collie mix who was found in the same place and he really enjoyed having them as well since he was missing his hero and companion, Bogie, who died last year.

It took quite some time for me to settle on suitable names and they came about partially because I found myself saying, "I guess maybe I'll just keep them" so often. The male became Guess and the female Maybe. It has been a lot of fun messing with people and the names plus the pups themselves make me laugh; something I really need right now.

They have the most fun hiding their toys from each other, jumping in the swimming pool, dragging off the huge water buckets, digging holes in various and sundry places, and just running around. They are very large dogs, I never expected them to grow quite that much! At 8 months, he is 92 pounds and she is 74 pounds. Here is a picture of his paw in comparison to my hand when he was only 4 months old. The next one is my ~50 pound dog and my 15 pound dog. It'll be interesting to see where he stops!

I was amazed at how much they have changed from the first pictures. I still don't have any really good pictures of them because they won't be still. Although they were definitely not a planned addition to the family, I am not at all sorry that they came. They have been far too much fun to have around.

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foffmom said...

You sure he's not a bear? I know you're a vet and all, but that is one BIG paw.
I am always glad to hear of someone else picking up four-leggeds dumped at the roadside, recognizing them as treasure instead of trash. We do that as well, although more cats than dogs in recent years. Probably shouldn't say that.....