Saturday, October 22, 2011


Few things to say tonight and none of them really go together...

First, to answer the comment about my weird case. The cat was gone for less than 48 hours, closer actually to only 24. The entrance wound on the leg was still bleeding a little although the edges were dried and contracted enough that it had to be several hours old - but definitely not days. Although you are correct that the bladder heals very quickly, I can't buy that fast or if that were the case there was no uroabdomen. Can't Spell suggested that maybe by point of impact at the bladder the velocity had decreased such that it only spread the transitional epithelial cells that then sealed over almost immediately like when we do cystocentesis. Maybe??? The thing that bothers me about that scenario is that we all know how hard it can be to get the stupid needle to poke through the wall; how many times have y'all been watching yourself on ultrasound as the needle slides repeatedly off the bladder wall or gets stuck within the wall with incomplete penetrance? I'm still puzzled by the whole thing but the cat is doing great.

Second, I had a first time ever experience yesterday. Someone sent me flowers! The lady whose dog I euthanized last Sunday sent me a pot of rust colored 'mums with a thank you card. It was awfully nice of her but I feel a little bad because it seems as if it should have been the other way around. Here's a picture:

Third, I have to report that my little boy is growing up. Sniff. Guess, who has only ever acted like an overgrown puppy / baby did something completely non-babyish. Thumper and Yoda share the fenced area next door to Guess, Maybe, and Tag. Typically they get along great and play a lot together but Yoda did something and hurt his leg. He was crying and being pitiful and Thumper approached him wanting to play. Thumper can, on occasion, be a bit of an ass. He is a very fearful dog and approaches life as a bully to keep from getting hurt. He started trying to bully Yoda into playing while Yoda crouched, whining. Guess and Maybe ran over, very puppyishly to begin with, then realized there was a problem. In front of my eyes I saw the gangly puppy straighten up and seem to get very tall and big then he let out a woof at Thumper that sounded very grown-up indeed. Thumper backed off and stopped aggravating Yoda. It was funny to watch and very cute. Immediately afterward, Guess went back to his puppy persona. I'm happy to report that Yoda's problem was just a little strain and he is doing well with some pain control. They were playing near full force this morning.

At work, all and sundry survived because they didn't upset my routine (satisfied with my admission, Can't Spell?) and I have the weekend off - hallelujah! Was a lovely day today and I wanted to go somewhere but woke up with a nasty sinus headache and the accompanying dizziness that makes driving unsafe. I settled for spending a relaxing day with the kids instead.

Tried to keep the Sam monster in again last night. He has cooperated some on the worst cold and rainy nights but proved to have a superior stubbornness last night. He got up and wandered around then urinated in the floor. OK, give him benefit of the doubt, maybe he was trying to tell me he had to go and I missed it because I was so groggy. Then he glared at me, did it again and pooped then turned around to try to eat it. It was at that point that I gave up and sent him outside. He practically dragged me down the few stairs then took off to get water (as if he had none inside!!) Then he refused to come back inside. I was overcome by a superior force. And I thought that I was stubborn!

I'm still eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new wheelchair; actually I thought it would come yesterday. I'd like to put him in it a few times while he is moving well so that the first time is not during a bad episode. I hope his royal stubbornness will tolerate it okay.

That's about all I have to say for now. Today, mom was blessedly peaceful and things went well for a change. Except that I forgot to call the heating / air conditioning guy to come fix our heater. Oops. I won't get cold but mom, Flower, and the Da-Chi Terror otherwise known as Scout will. Guess I'll try to remember to do that Monday, before it gets really cold.

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