Thursday, February 2, 2012

Telemarketing Insanity

Most of the time if I see an obvious telemarketer phone number on the caller ID I blatantly ignore the ringing phone with no problem. Occasionally, however, I have a little devil that takes over resulting in conversations like the following:

MBI: Hello

Telemarketer: Hello, may I speak to May B?

MBI: I'm afraid she's not here. She's dead because I killed her.

Telemarketer: Dead silence

MBI: Hangs up phone


Anonymous said...

Thank you, you just made me spray coffee out my nose. Oh, to have to guts to do that myself! You're my hero!

rmm4361 said...

I just snorted out loud! Thank you!

Jono said...

Whatever it takes to make them go away.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore that banging on the door, the cops will probably go away soon lol

Elizabeth said...

I am so using that... My husband does some crazy things with them too..
He usually just asks them, "do you want to buy a duck. Dead silence and they usually just hand up..

Anonymous said...

Apparently answering the door naked is also an effective deterrent. Wonder why no one comes to visit me any more.....;)

Pharm.Tech RDC'06