Monday, January 30, 2012

Does this prove I'm crazy?

I was on my way to bed and grabbed a Dove dark chocolate to pop in my mouth. The inner saying read "Enjoy the aroma of chocolate" and I supplied the ending "in the ICU as all those dogs are puking...". Okay, so it reminded me of that night on ER when we had multiple chocolate thief dogs and the whole ICU smelled so heavenly I just wanted to stay and enjoy. I know, something just ain't right about that.


moontoad said...

Not at all. One day we were macerating a tiger in the tanks at the museum, and we had dumped the somewhat cooled bones and meat into a garbage bag so we could keep them all together while pulling the meat off the bones and setting the bones aside.

Cooked tiger smells fucking fantastic. We all were so tempted to try a bite, and the only thing that stopped us was that the maceration tanks were never disinfected, only cleaned. So the nasty ass gorilla that we had done a few days prior was mixing with tiger.

Simmered tiger smells like the richest soup you can think of, not like chicken or beef, but it was closer to the color of chicken, and the water was a rich yellow color like you get with well made chicken broth.

Can'tSpell, DVM said...

We all already know you're crazy my friend.