Thursday, March 1, 2012

What day is it?

I have a horrible memory. Everybody will tell you this. I forget to bring my lunch, I forget to bring my empty lunch pail inside the house, I forget it all. This has led to numerous attempts over the years to come up with memory aids to help me. Alas- I forget notes and forget to look at my phone.

One of the places this tendency towards forgetfulness really turns around and bites me on the rear end is remembering important dates. I'm going to digress a bit here (Dr. Maybe and I call them "rabbit trails")... I can remember random useless facts- The date of Pearl Harbor? Got it. The date I graduated vet school- got it. Even the years WWII and the American Civil War were going on- all up in the old noggen. However, one thing I can't remember worth a hill of dirt is birthdays.

I even have trouble remembering my *own* birthday on occasion, let alone family members and friends. Now pets' birthdays- those I remember. Priorities, after all... However the only date I can always remember is my mother's birthday, my dad's birthday is always one of two dates, and everybody else is just SOL. All my relatives and friends know- don't be offended if I don't send a present, card, phone call or random Facebook post- I don't remember *any body's* birthday..,.

This led to a rather humorous exchange with Maybe last night. I have recently had a birthday (I don't remember when but I did) and I knew that Maybe's birthday was shortly after mine. So I asked her on the phone last night-

Can't_Spell: So Maybe, your birthday is May 11th right?

May B. Insane: Nope

CS: Uh, March 11th?

May B: Nope

CS: Uh...

May B.: forget it already CS you do this every year...

CS: I do?

May B: Yep. You even guess the same dates every year.

CS: Do I get close every year?

Moral of this story- I need to get every body's birthdays put on a list and tattooed in my dog's ears- I look in there all the time...

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Purple Stinky Onion (PSO) said...

That's funny! I have a thing for numbers, days, dates-birthdays, anniversaries etc...but yet, I lack any math skills unless I have a calculator. My family has always teased me that I never need to write down a phone number when someone gave it to me, I just could remember it, along with birthdays and other important dates too. My husband would laugh after he spent hours to find our phone book to look for a number, because I could come into the room and rattle it off in seconds, he says, he never needs one if I'm around.
So, if you figure out your birthday, let me know and I'll remind you-lol
Purplestinkyonion (PSO)