Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hay is for horses

I'm not super good with kids.  Can't say that I can remember ever thinking I might want any and I'm equally as prejudiced against marriage.  Both are fine for others; just not me.

Yesterday, I went to see an old friend of mine and her three year old daughter was there.  The child was fascinated by me and kept telling me all kinds of things, many of which I had no clue what she had said.  Every time she addressed me it began with "Hey!"  She then repeated the word over and over while leaning closer and closer to my face until I acknowledged whatever it was she was saying.  I also don't deal well with people in my personal space...and I consider my personal space to be quite large!

The other thing she did was asked me to come with her so she could "show" me something.  I followed her to the kitchen where she opened the refrigerator door and pointed out the Kool Aid.  She asked if I wanted any and I told her no then she just stared at me until I asked if she wanted some.  You guessed it, that's why she wanted to show me but why not her mom, who knows?

She's not a bad kid but I have a strong feeling they will have a little fireball on their hands as she continues to grow.

On a completely unrelated note but just as an update, the cocker in the previous post passed away this morning.  At least her owners got to say goodbye.

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