Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vicious rumors

I cannot believe that my dear, sweet, lovely friend would say such things about me. Who would believe that such an innocent soul as myself would do the things she accuses me of so freely? It disappoints me. I can't help it that all she ever did to me was saran wrap my car once while my own escapades far overshadowed that incident (which was completely negligible I might add)...

Vet school was difficult but we had a lot of fun, especially the last year when we were on clinical rotations. I spent a lot of time trying to talk Can'tSpell into helping with my scathingly brilliant schemes like decorating our favorite teacher's office on graduation day or posting anonymous cartoons and such. There are definitely times that I miss school since it's hard to find people to share my weird sense of humor.

Tonight, however, the overnight crew just pulled a superb prank--their idea with my blessing. We are unusually slow with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in ICU. So when the shift change was coming, we set up the crash table with a dummy and pretended that it was there in critical condition while we all ignored it. One of the assistants got into an empty cage which we covered with a blanket and posted caution notices and ran a fluid line in then proceeded to make angry cat noises. To help, the clinic cat who we routinely joke has the job of escorting dying souls to heaven because of her habit of showing up in ICU when an animal arrests actually came to see what was happening. It was a beautiful effort that would have only been improved if the next shift had been a more excitable group.

I hope that the night of Saturday March 14 is this slow because I may actually be able to sleep prior to driving!! I doubt I'll be that lucky, though, since this is the slowest night I've ever had since being here. Still looking forward to my great escape and waiting with baited breath to see if I actually pull it off. The story I alluded to earlier, by the way, is called "The Torture by Hope." If interested, just google it and a full text is available.

Guess I'll go away for now and maybe take a nap or search for some heavy-duty caffeine since my eyes are in need of matchsticks to keep them open. Only 18 weeks to go for this internship insanity...

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