Friday, August 21, 2009

E-mails & text messaging

This post is totally non-vet related but is a quick vent for frustration.

I'm not a huge fan of e-mail and texting other than for the sheer convenience of it. The reason it annoys me??? No matter how well you may know someone and how well they know you, it is too easy for misunderstandings to occur. This morning alone I've managed to have 2 really good friends who usually get what I'm saying completely misinterpret my meaning thus requiring a second message to try to rectify the situation and probably resulting in more confusion. There's enough frustration in my life without adding more!!! This is why I completely avoid any of my usual sarcastically funny comments in e-mail unless I know someone VERY well.

On a veterinary note, I'm encouraged to learn that I'm not the only person from whom vet school slowly sucked out my brain. I hear the students on a daily basis saying the same thing I always say i.e. "Before vet school I could remember things better and it wasn't so hard to learn. Could I have developed ADD?" Misery definitely loves company;)

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