Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ring tones

At my new internship we have a shared intern emergency phone that we all use when on ER duty as well as a personal cell issued to us (this means that when one is on ER you typically are carrying a minimum of 3 cell phones if you have your own personal cell; crazy!!). All doctors here as well as many of the techs also have phones. All of these phones (with very few exceptions) have the same generic AT&T ring tone because no one takes the time to change them. Since my first day here, this has made me even more insane than usual so this weekend, while on ER, I took steps to ratify the situation.

Unbeknownst to my colleagues I changed the tone of both my personal phone and the shared phone. I then handed the phone over to my internmate who is on overnights and waited for the fun to begin. I was here late dealing with a last minute case and ICU was a little bit of a circus as typical for my being around (it is all quiet when neuro/cardio guy is on - an internmate). In the midst of the insanity, I secretly dial the number on my phone and place it back in my pocket to let it ring looking completely innocent of course. Very loudly the phone begins to scream Boogie swing which is, I'll admit, a rather annoying tone.

Neuro/cardio guy nearly jumps out of his skin and starts looking around frantically for the source of the noise. He then realizes from whence it comes and grabs the phone saying that is the most annoying ring tone ever. Only then does he look at the phone and realize that I, minding my own business in the opposite corner, am the source of his call. He's now threatening to change the ring tone... I advised him to do what he wanted but I'll just change it again and may make it more annoying. That seemed a sufficient threat. I'll have to work on everyone's sense of humor around here....

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