Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A top ten list that we don't want to add to (AKA Pee #3)

Well all, Dr. Insane and I talk on the phone quite a bit, and the other night I was telling her about a funny that happened to me the other day. This led to the challenge of her last post, which was to tell my all time favorite "urination" stories. This is my number 3, which happened to me the other day.

I was taking the gloves/bandages off of a cat I had declawed the previous day. This cat was not a happy camper and it showed. Somehow during the resultant wrestling match somehow I got into a position where I was holding the cat's back legs one in each hand with his rear end pointed upwards. Just then he let loose a stream of urine. It hit my chin and dribbled down onto my shirt. He than proceeded to urinate on my hand a few times after that when we had changed positions. I had to change the shirt I had on and cut pieces out of my hair to keep from smelling nasty un-neutered cat urine all day (I had also neutered him the previous day and it takes a few weeks for the smell to go away). Needless to say, a shower was promptly taken upon my arrival home that day.

Pee story #2 coming soon.....

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