Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clearly, I just don't understand people...

Following is a short excerpt from an email that I received forwarded from a friend of mine yesterday:

"Due to the time of their move, we are hoping to have Roses in a good home by this Friday.
Roses, a 2 yr old Jack Russell. She is house trained, fun, and playful. Unfortunately I am not able to keep her for a family member so she is looking to sell her for $100, obo. All shots and immunizations are up to date. Roses is a great dog and is house trained to the point of going to the door to let you know its that time. She does not jump on you unless you tell her it is ok. She knows some commands.. Now the leash thing is what is a little new for her. My cousin lives in an area where Roses did not have to be on a leash. She is familiar with it, just pulls you some.
She loves belly rubs. Not much of a barker, only when someone is a the door but once inside she does her "inspection" and then is fine."

They desperately need to find the dog a home, by Friday no less, but are asking $100 obo????? Pardon me if I'm being too critical but that makes no sense to me. Perhaps they are of the mistaken belief that making someone pay to take the dog insures that it will get a good and lasting home... Best of luck to them (sarcasm implied) but mostly I just feel sorry for the dog!

And in the latest drama from the children at work... We were closed Monday after Christmas as a novelty (have never done that before but what the boss's wife wants, the boss's wife gets) and Monday night I got a call that didn't come through because my phone is currently demon-possessed (i.e. I need a new phone because it is wearing out but just haven't bit the bullet to buy one) from one of the children wanting to swap shifts with one of the others. She found great initiative to call the boss since she didn't get through to me and finagled the swap in just a couple of minutes. Really annoyed me because I had scheduled the better worker to be there all day since the day after a holiday is always crazy. So we had to deal with her laziness all day Tuesday. Didn't matter what we said or did, she just lazed around and really didn't contribute at all to the work. Didn't even need her there for all that she did. And I still can't convince the boss to just get rid of her! I really don't know what is his problem.

Wednesday, I said something really inappropriate in front of the employees because of the frustration. See, we (I) made the boss Voodoo stress relief golf balls for Christmas (he's an avid - obsessed - golfer). I got an empty egg carton and put 12 golf balls in it. 10 of them I drew the faces of all the employees on and named; I named one of the others for him and the other "miscellaneous" so that he could make it anyone he wanted. Yesterday, I suggested that he take the one for the employee and hit it a few times for me... Guess I really shouldn't have said it but it was one time I just couldn't stop my tongue in time.

Today, I had accidentally scheduled 2 of the kids to be there because another employee was initially going to need to be off. When that changed, I guess I forgot to alter the rest of the schedule. As it turned out, the better employee unexpectedly needed to be off because her mom had to go to the doctor. The lazy employee immediately sent a text to the third employee to see if she could come in because there were "so many dogs in the kennel she couldn't do it by herself!" I had already discussed the matter with the other 2 employees the previous day and okayed the day off besides knowing that the other girl would not be available. We didn't need 2 people there anyway... If it were up to me, she'd already be gone. Clearly she is not cut out for the job.

I think I'm going to revise the schedule for next month tomorrow and cut her down to one day a week. I also think I'm going to cut the other 2 down to 2 days a week because they aren't exactly giving stellar performances at the moment either. They seem worse when they work together. Maybe cutting hours (again) more drastically will help. It's pretty much all that I have the power to do although there are days I've been tempted to tell her she's fired, get out, and just see what transpires. It'd probably only wind up eliminating what little authority I have, though.


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