Thursday, August 14, 2008

Darn clients!

Typical conversation with a frustrating client:

Me: Well, you know, Foo Foo should really be on heartworm prevention all year round...
DumbClient: Why? I've never had any of my umpteen million farm dogs on heartworm prevention before? Why should I start now?
Me: You've probably had dogs die unexpectedly on you right? Well, them having heartworm may be a possible explanation.
DC: I ain't ever seen no worms in their poop.
Me: Heartworms live in the heart (hence their name, HEARTworms). They don't come out in feces.
DC: Well, my dog ain't ever outside, and isn't around any other dogs, so they can't get worms. (Yeah, and in the next breath they ask me if fleas are contagious)
Me: Heartworms are carried and spread by mosquitoes, so they don't have to be around any other dogs to get them. And even the most well trained dog has to go outside with the mosquitoes to potty sometime. Also, mosquitoes can get in the house!
DC: Well, I ain't ever done it before and I don't see a reason now... ok, how much does it cost?

So we talk about cost some. Then, just when I get the battle almost won...

DC: Ok, I don't really see the need, but go ahead.
Me: Well, before we put them on prevention we need to test them to see if they already have heartworm.
DC: What, how much is that going to cost me?!? I only brought $0.14 with me and I don't have a credit card, a checking account, savings account, or a piggy bank. I can't be spending all this money on a darn dog!
Me: Well, then how were you going to pay for your vaccines????
DC: Uh...

Ad nauseum. The only thing worse than the heartworm talk is the spay/neuter talk or the Lyme's disease vaccine talk. Though, oddly enough, more people will go for the Lyme's vacc.

I should just tape this and record it when clients walk through the door. I probably have this conversation about 50 times a week.

Course while we're talking about client stereotypes...

Nahh. That's for tomorrow. :)


Evil Lunch Lady said...

I have our dogs on heartworm meds, even tho the vet has never seen a local dog with it. The vet stated to do it anyway, you never know when it may show up.

People need to get a clue:)

Tiffany said...

I can only imagine. I know when I take my dogs in for vaccines, the staff do this "Vaccines are important, expensive, but very valuable" song and dance for me. So I imagine they must have to do it so often that even if the client is willing they worry I will complain!

Keep up the blogging! I love your blog!