Friday, August 22, 2008

Tying up loose ends

So, as so often in medicine, something that you thought you'd really messed up turned out very well.

My horse's eye looked 100% improved by 36 hours later. I re-stained it and found more very superficial ulcers, but the deeper one I'd been trying to heal was almost gone!! It looked sooooooo good. So, a happy ending.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, been really busy but not much interesting has come in. I'll have to pull from my store of saved in my head stories.



Evil Lunch Lady said...

Glad to hear the horse is doing great! Glad to also hear YOU sound better! Just remember you are HUMAN:)

Have a great weekend!

Purple Stinky Onion said...

That is good news!

Anonymous said...

Glad news on the horse is good.

Also, welcome to my blogroll.

I'd update my own more often, except I have the same problem as yourself - a huge amount of storage in my head instead of already written on the computer!

Can'tSpell, DVM said...

Thank you Kat, and back at'cha.