Thursday, January 26, 2012


I will freely admit that among the factors that prompted me to choose vetmed as a profession was consideration for my herd of kids. Not only from a financial standpoint but, being something of a control freak and not having found anyone to provide for their medical care in whom I truly had complete confidence, it seemed a good decision. One benefit of my education and travels thus far is that I have begun to develop my own private little network of specialists to whom I would be willing to entrust their care when the condition is beyond my capabilities. So I will have to travel hither and yon if the need arises. Trust me, it would be worth it. They also allow me to pick their brains as needed. Definitely a benefit. At a primary care level, I can make the calls about my own without dealing with stupid. If I have doubts about how to handle something I have wonderful books, electronic resources, and the aforementioned network of specialist friends. The ultimate blame lies on my shoulders for everything which is both good and bad because I would rather be angry with myself when mistakes happen but I'm also very talented at beating myself up about things for the long haul. Which is another factor that pushes me to be such an ardent researcher about all of my cases. On the financial side, I'm not so sure that I made a good bargain...

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