Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mind Your Own Species

Today was just a yuck and grumpy day. I must admit that I have been grumpy a lot lately , though... Some of it is due to the rain and pressures wreaking havoc on my sinus, allergy, and vestibular issues and some of it is due to "the family " at home and work.

I was quite giddy last Friday evening. I'm still not sure if it was the chocolate or the fact that the worst problem employee finally quit. I voted to make her show responsibility and work out a two week notice; my boss agreed at first then caved when she whined so today was her last day. As I said before, I cannot actually fire them but I sure can cut the hours. Today she actually did a good job - now why couldn 't she have just done that all along?

There is a local vet that we hear stories about all the time from clients who are changing to us. One of the most recent stories that I was told was that the client walked into the exam room and was told "Don't say anything, I have a headache!" Later, the guy asked her a question and she didn't know whether she should say anything in answer or not... Sometimes, I wish I could take my filter off so totally.

Like today, one of my boss's friends who is a medical doctor brought in their two year old intact male dog convinced that he had an infection because he was hiking a leg in the house repeatedly. I felt like telling him that with the exception of being under the influence of some mind-altering substance, most humans don't feel the need to mark their territory (an exception being one of our clients who told me that he "marked" a tree in his backyard to keep a family of raccoons away). We wound up doing a big work up on a healthy two year old dog in order to say nothing is wrong other than he is an intact male dog... We neutered him but who knows if it will stop the marking since that is now an established behavior.

I need to tell all about the weekend, yesterday, and today but you'll have to take a raincheck since I can hardly keep my eyes open!

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