Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still fed up with stupid!

Oh my. I thought I was becoming complacent when it came to dealing with stupid. Not that I don't notice but that I've become so accustomed that it dulls my frustration response. Today, a comment was made that jolted me.

I think that I have commented that right now my life situation has brought me to where I'm working at the clinic where I worked prior to vet school. Many of the clients remember me; some fondly. Today, one of our long time clients (the wife of a local plastic surgeon!) expressed surprise that I am a doctor even though I have re-introduced myself to her, performed both routine procedures as well as major surgery on her pet, and talked to her numerous times on the phone always introducing myself as "Doctor Insane". She said that she knew I'd been around a long time so she thought my boss just trusted me a lot... SERIOUSLY!!!!! A lay person who has been around a long time can do major surgery just because?!? And she is closely related to the medical field... Maybe I got an online degree or a fake license. I'm sure that would have been less expensive both in time and work. Anyway, it kinda flabbergasted, bemused, and befuddled me (extra points for use of flabbergasted).

They haven't kept me busy enough today. I'm causing even more trouble than usual.

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