Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now here's something we'll all like...

Some of you older (read, my age(oh, that's right, I've never really told my age)) readers will catch my title's reference to Rocky and Bullwinkle. That was the phrase Rocky always said before another cartoon played. Just thought I'd share some of the more entertaining foibles of the last couple of weeks.

You know you're in veterinary medicine if:

... the client calls and says he wants his dog "pressed and dried" (groomed).
... you look at the world through a haze of fecals and blood films.
... you dress with the possibility of getting blood/anal glands/urine/vomit on your clothes.
... you keep a change of clothes at work.
... your workplace has a shower in the bathroom.
... you use words like "emasculate" and "castrate" in everyday conversations.
... you look at a tomato/mayo mixture and see abscess goo.
... the oil slick at the gas station looks like an abdominal radiograph with an obstructive pattern.
... you routinely go around sticking your arm up rectums.

That's a beginning anyway. You other veterinary types that read this blog (I know you're out there) feel free to chime in on the comments. Also, for those of you veterinary types who commented on my bald cat, I know it's probably stress/psychosomatic but haven't gotten around to medicating her yet. Also, she's SOOOOOOOOO much fun to chase down for BID meds....


Evil Transport Lady said...

ROFL!!! Though I can't relate to some of those things, I can understand them:)

Andrea said...

... when you feel the need to wash your hands *before* you use the restroom!

(and after too, of course)

June Cleaver said... feel like crap and you take your temp and think "Huh, it's normal" and it takes you a minute to realize 101.5 isn't "normal".

You are throwing up and have diarrhea and, when you call in sick, you just cut right to the chase and tell them you've got Parvo.

Anonymous said...

You don't own a tee shirt that does not have green stain on the left arm.

Your child goes to the pedatrician and gives the doc the evil eye and tells her " Thats my Daddy's" when she tries to use a stethoscope.

You know are a bovine vet when the wifes gyno asks you about the new drugs on the horizon

Your kids all know what afterbirth is and take great joy in explaining it in 4th grade terms to their classmates.

You own two washng machines and dryers.