Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sad truths

Dr. May B. Insane's previous post reflects the frustration we shared during a phone call the other night. Not only are people stupid, but sometimes the member's of one's own profession are stupid as well. For the most part we assume a certain amount of professional competence from out colleagues. After all, they went through the same training and had to pass the same board exams as we did. However, as with MDs, not all vets are created equal. My goal is to be sure to at the VERY least, be one of the ones who TRY.

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Elizabeth said...

Stupid comes in ALL professions!

I don't expect my Vet to know everything, but I do expect she will do her best to find the answers.

I think if your goal is to be one of the ones that try, you are on the right track...